Study Skills Syllabus

Study Skills Syllabus

Course Description:

Study Skills is an elective course designed for students who have a need for extra time and support to complete academic assignments. In addition to extra work time, Study Skills students receive instruction in strategies such as organization, planning and note taking. Furthermore, if students have a specific content-area need, Study Skills allows for students either to practice skills with their Study Skills teacher or to contact their specific content-area teacher for additional support.

Course Aims:

  1. Support students in their core subject classes;
  2. Teach strategies to develop student independence and self-advocacy in the learning process;
  3. Teach organizational strategies and study skills, including note-taking;
  4. Communicate with parents and core subject teachers to support students in the core subjects as appropriate;


Based on the AES School Wide Learning Goals, each student will:

  • strengthen discreet academic skills
  • strengthen organizational strategies and study skills, including note-taking
  • strengthen higher order thinking skills
  • strengthen verbal and written expression
  • develop strategies for self-advocacy in the learning process
  • work effectively in group situations

Assessment and Grading Policy:

In the middle school, students are assessed using a Standards Based Grading system. The purpose of the grading system is to provide accurate information about a student’s level of understanding with respect to specific content standards.

In Study Skills, students will be graded with respect to their habits as a learner inside and outside the classroom (Learning Habits). To support the development of a growth mindset, students will have multiple opportunities to demonstrate their understanding through a variety of formative and summative assessments. To help establish a clear vision of the intended learning, students will engage in on-going reflection as a means to identify learning strengths and areas for improvement.

Expectations for Learning Success:

Students are expected to be ready to begin class when the second bell rings. Additionally, students are expected to:

  • Be prepared to work hard in their learning.
  • Come prepared and on-time.
  • Positively contribute to the classroom community.
  • Self-Advocate – Use self-advocacy skills to clarify school expectations and communicate understanding or lack of understanding.
  • Schedule time for additional assistance with teachers, peers and tutors (and honor the appointments)

I am available to meet with students and parents individually to discuss any qustions or concerns.  Please contact me to schedule an appointment.

Michael Creighton


2 thoughts on “Study Skills Syllabus

  1. The blog is about how we should we do and what we do in study class. It also talks about our aims and expections, I think this is really helpful because it tells us why we are taking study skills and what we will learn. In addition, it was really thoughtful for Mr. Creighton to write a description so now I know what this class is really about.

    • Thanks Pema. Having a system is very helpful. I’m glad you have Sunrise on or Ipad and that other ‘App’ you were telling me about to help you remember to do your work!

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