Learning Habits and Study Skills

On Tuesday and Wednesday this week (Day 1 and day 2) we’ll be taking some time to reflect on learning habits. Before we do that, I’ll ask you to take a look at the goals we set last week and to review your PowerSchool and Google Classrooms. That will help you more accurately reflect on your learning habits.

I’ve got a hard-copy paper reflection that will guide you through your thinking about how you feel about your responsibility; respect; collaboration and perseverance. 

We’ll talk more about what those words mean at AES. I’m interested in how you feel you”re doing, and I’ll give you feedback about how I feel you’re doing as well!

Math Conferences and Reading

This week on Tuesday and Wednesday (days 7 and 8) we’ll kick off our math conferences. Ms. Khanna and I have identified math skills and concepts for individual students to focus on the for the next month or so and we’ll explain how we’re going to practice that. In addition, we’ll follow up with our reading conferences and spend some time practicing reading. Please bring your independent reading book to class!


Determining Importance–in reading and math!

On Wednesday and Thursday this week, (days 3 and 4) we’ll do some math probes. These will not go on your report card, but will help us (you, me, Mr. Ho and Ms. Khanna) figure out what you’re good at in math, and where we might want to review. This will help us focus our energy more efficiently, because it will help us determine what is most important for you to work on. 

Determining Importance is a thinking strategy that is often talked about in Humanities. It helps us when we do research, and it helps us figure out the big ideas or themes in literature we read. However, it’s also useful when we are deciding what homework to do first and what subjects to study hardest on. Reflecting on our strengths and needs as learners will help us determine what we want to focus on!