Welcome (back)!

For new students (and their parents) welcome! For returning students, welcome back!

This week we’re settling into a routine where we do a balance of math, reading/writing and homework from other classes. This week on days 5 and 6 (Monday/Tuesday), Ms. Khanna and I will meet with students and set reading and writing goals. Remember to bring the book you are reading independently in Humanities and/or at home! 

Welcome back!

It’s great to be back, and I hope everyone had a relaxing holiday break!

This Monday and Tuesday (days 5 and 6) we’ll talk about the reading we’ve been doing over the break and you’ll set new reading and writing goals for the coming week. 

Reading Conferences

This week for day 5 and 6 (Wednesday and Thursday), I’ll be conferring with you about your reading. I’ll check in on what you’ve been working on for the past 10 days, and I’ll ask you what reading strategies have you been using lately in your independent reading. If you would like a reminder about some of the strategies good readers do, you can check out this post.

Independent Reading and Google Classroom

This Wednesday and Thursday (Day 5 and 6) we’ll be talking about independent reading. Independent reading is a crucial study skill;  of the most important things you can do to grow as a thinker is to read a lot. Independent reading is not only fun, but it builds your vocabulary and your knowledge of the world. We’ll look at the research on this later, but for let’s just say reading makes you a better reader, a better thinker and a better writer.

Most Humanities teachers expect you to read, and so do I. Today we’ll set up Google Classroom, and I’ll send  you a copy of a basic reading log.  I’ll go over what I expect in class and will answer any questions. Don’t worry, my reading log won’t take much time–it’s just a way to keep track of the books you read this semester; this will give us something to talk about when we begin our regular reading conferences.