Getting ready for conferences

Over the next week, we’ll all be busy. We’ll continue to focus on our individual learning goals, and I’ll meet with you all about reading and math. Many of you have other pressing work to do in other classes as well. In the middle of it all, we’re getting ready for Parent-Teacher conferences!

My main goal during conferences will be to have a meaningful conversation with your parents and you about your learning progress and goals. Some of you will prepare for that by writing detailed notes to share with your parents; some of you will prepare by writing a reflective letter to your parents; and some of you will find another way to share your learning and goals with your parents. 

I’ll share some ideas in class and will meet with you about your options. For those of you writing a reflective letter, here’s a format you can follow:

Checking in on our goals

This week on Monday and Tuesday (days 3 and 4) we’ll be reviewing the goals we set last week for reading, math and homework completion. After that, we’ll make a study plan for today based on what we need to work on.

Remember to bring your reading book next week–we’ll be reviewing our progress and setting new goals.

Getting Organized: Google Classroom, Powerschool and Homework

This week on Thursday and Friday (days 1 and 2), we’ll review Google Classroom and Powerschool to see if there’s anything we are missing. Then we’ll set goals for the next week for things related to Homework Completion, study skills, etc. 

We’ll also get into the routine of doing our individual math warmups, and we’ll spend time reading–so bring your independent reading book please!

Getting Organized

This week on Thursday and Friday (days 3 and 4), as IPads are rolling out, we’ll set up our study planning notebooks, and think about what we’ve done in the past to keep track of our work and what we may want to change this year. Remember, we all need a system for keeping track of our homework! 

When I was in middle school, there was only really one way to track homework: you’d write it down. The only  question was whether you’d write it in a calendar, a binder, or on a scrap of paper. I know I tried them all, with varying degrees of success.

Now at AES in 2017, there are many more options. Some students track homework by writing it into a hard copy calendar, such as the AES agenda. This is what I often do, myself. Others rely on electronic tools, such as Notes, Reminders, or Google Calendar. Some students simply check their ‘to-do’ list on Google Classroom each day. Every system has advantages and disadvantages. pic calenar

I thought it would be interesting to share with each other the systems we use for remembering what we have to do and when we have to do it. Please tell us what you do and why it your think it works for you in the comments below. If you are planning to use new tools this year, please share those as well. And while you’re at it, why not read what other students are doing? You might learn a new trick or two while you are at it. Don’t worry if you are new to AES middle school; we’ll be helping you find a system that works for you.