Welcome Back!

I hope you had a good Spring Break! We’ll be meeting Monday and Tuesday (days 3 and 4) to review the work we need to do and to set goals for moving forward.

On days 5 and 5 this week (Wednesday and Thursday), we’ll meet individually to talk about our reading and writing progress and goals.

Reflective Blog Post

For the next couple of days, we’ll spend some time reflecting on our learning so far this semester. This will help us prepare for student conferences next week. We’ll end up with a blog post, but during conferences our goal is really to have a real conversation. My hope is that this will help you prepare to think and talk deeply about your learning.

Here’s a step-by-step way to write a reflective blog post:


Google Classroom, Powerschool Check and Reflection

On Thursday and Friday (days 1 and 2) this week, I’ll be meeting with everyone to how things are going in PowerSchool and Google Classroom. On Monday and Tuesday (days 3 and 4), we’ll reflect on our learning habits. You’ll score yourself and explain why and then I’ll meet with you to discuss what I’ve been seeing.

Remember to continue to read independently! Independent reading may not help you on your next Humanities assessment, but it will help you become a better writer and reader in the long run.

Reading and Writing Conferences

In addition to our regular routine, we’ve been doing a few math and reading probes. Those help me get to know you better as a learner. On days 5 and 6 (Thursday and Monday), we’ll continue those probes and I’ll be meeting with you all about your reading and writing goals. Then on day’s 7 and 8 (Tuesday and Wednesday) we’ll check in about your system for tracking your homework and your routine for doing it at home–and I’ll finish off any missing reading or math probes.