Learning resources

As the year goes on, I’ll be adding resources, tips and tricks to this page. Our first tip is in reading.


  • Text to speech on the IPAD, IPOD and IPHONE: We all know that it is best to read ‘just right’ books when we are practicing our reading. But sometimes we need to access information that is written above our ‘just right’ level. Or sometimes, we an understand spoken language at a higher level than we can understand written language. The Ipad lets us select text and then have it read aloud. There is a short video here that shows you how to do it. This can be very helpful–I use it when I want to read something while washing the dishes or making pancakes. However, beware! Some people find the ‘robot reader’ voice annoying, so you might want to use earphones when ‘reading’ your text, if others are around.
  • You can read about our own close reading routine here. It can help you read confusing, difficult or important text.

Note Taking

  • I’ve posted some ideas and links to research about note taking here. And you can read about Notability, a tool we are using in Academic Support for note taking here.

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