Parent Conferences Coming!

Parent teacher conferences are just around the corner and that’s always a good time for reflection. I think the best conferences are the ones where we have a real conversation about our learning.

This week, in addition to working on our individual learning goals, we’ll spend a little bit of time reflecting on how things are going so far. I’ll ask you to think about your organizational system, your routine for doing homework, and your goals in math, reading/writing and other areas of school. I’ll ask that you either prepare some notes for our conference (I’ll give you a structured form to help you with this)–or, if you want a challenge, you can write an essay or a letter to your parents.

The choice is yours; my expectation is that you come prepared to conferences ready to have an honest and insightful conversation with me and your parents. (For those of you who want ideas about how to write a reflective letter, you can go here for a presentation on the subject 🙂 

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