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On Monday and Tuesday (days 2 and 3), we’ll be talking about note taking.

Some of my eighth graders are taking notes with the Cornell method. There are many ways to take notes, but before we look at those, we’ll look at why note taking works. Some of you’ve already worked on this; for you, I’ll adjust things, but a review is good.

There is a lot of research about note taking and how it can help us learn better. Taking notes basically does two things. First, it helps us store information so we can review it later. But it also does something else: by taking notes, we don’t just write things on paper or type them into our I Pads–we actually write (or ‘encode’) things into our brain. So note taking is good for storing information and for encoding information.

There are a lot of ways we can take notes. To get us thinking about note taking, I’m posting a list of note taking tips from Texas Tech University. I went ahead and took notes on the page about note-taking…I used highlighter and I wrote on the text electronically using good reader.

First read the tips below. (If the embedded file is difficult to see, you can try this link.) Then in the comments section, please list one or two ways in which you take notes and how your note taking helps you.

37 thoughts on “Take Note!

  1. To keep track of my notes I use a list. Also I use Cornell notes to separate information, so I know what it’s about. It helps me by making it easier to look back and refer to my notes.

    • Luke, ‘determining importance’ is an important reading strategy. I’m glad you are using notes to help you with this important thinking.

  2. When I’m reading I usually focus on the important parts and I also work on my Cornell notes because they help me in the feauture

  3. To keep track of my notes I right them down in google docs say I was working on a biome project for sciences and I wanted to take notes I would open a new doc and i will jot dowen ideas and it makes it easier to look back and refer on my notes.

  4. In humanities we do cornell notes. I think they are pretty helpful because of the summary at the end, it helps understand what the text is about.

  5. I usually take important parts of the text/video that seem important to me. We are also taking Cornell notes in humanities, I find them helpful.

  6. We have been taking Cornell Notes in Humanities. This allows me to be able to take the main ideas and put them into a certain section then put the description of the main ideas into another section. This can be a bit difficult because you have to leave a lot of other notes behind.

    • Ethan,
      Interesting. Notes do force us to decide what to focus on. That’s usually a good thing, by the way, but it can be frustrating!

    • Highlighting works well for some people, especially if they are able to remember why they highlighted what they highlighted!

  7. When I’m reading an article I write notes and that helps me understand the important parts of the article and memes me understand it more.

  8. When i read an article and take notes it helps me remember what it is about, and to remember i wont need to read the whole article again, instead i read my notes.

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