Reading update

On days 5 and 6 this week (Wednesday and Thursday), we’ll confer about what we’re working on in writing and what kind of reading we’ve been doing. Please come with your independent reading book. If you have a sample of writing you’re working on, we’ll look at that also! 

Note Taking Intro

This week on Monday and Tuesday (Day 3 and 4), we’ll practice taking real notes on a video about…note taking. It’s about six minutes long, and it moves pretty fast. Your job is to do the following things:

  • Choose a note taking system to use. It could be bullet points (a simplified outline); mind map/web; Cornell notes; or another system you like.
  • Take notes on the video lecture. You should be able to capture the following information:
    • The names of all five methods.
    • one or two pieces of information about each.

This ‘lecture’ moves pretty fast. If you need to go back to get another look, you can watch the video again. You can take notes on your Ipad or on a piece of paper–your choice.

Now let’s watch!

Take Note!

On Monday and Tuesday (days 2 and 3), we’ll be talking about note taking.

Some of my eighth graders are taking notes with the Cornell method. There are many ways to take notes, but before we look at those, we’ll look at why note taking works. Some of you’ve already worked on this; for you, I’ll adjust things, but a review is good.

There is a lot of research about note taking and how it can help us learn better. Taking notes basically does two things. First, it helps us store information so we can review it later. But it also does something else: by taking notes, we don’t just write things on paper or type them into our I Pads–we actually write (or ‘encode’) things into our brain. So note taking is good for storing information and for encoding information.

There are a lot of ways we can take notes. To get us thinking about note taking, I’m posting a list of note taking tips from Texas Tech University. I went ahead and took notes on the page about note-taking…I used highlighter and I wrote on the text electronically using good reader.

First read the tips below. (If the embedded file is difficult to see, you can try this link.) Then in the comments section, please list one or two ways in which you take notes and how your note taking helps you.