Welcome back!

It’s great to be back, and I hope everyone had a relaxing holiday break!

This Monday and Tuesday (days 5 and 6) we’ll talk about the reading we’ve been doing over the break and you’ll set new reading and writing goals for the coming week. 

Learning Habits Reflection

On Thursday and Friday this week (days 3 and 4) It’s time for us to reflect on our learning habits. The timing is good, because we just reviewed our powerschool and google classroom and talked about our goals for the coming weeks.

My hope is that today we will:

  • reflect on our strengths and weaknesses when it comes to learning habits;
  • listen to feedback from our teacher and peers to improve our learning.

In addition to the things that we normally do, we’ll talk with a partner about our learning habits, and we’ll complete a learning habits reflection.

PowerSchool, Classroom Check

This week, for day on days 1 and 2 (Tuesday and Wednesday), in addition to working on our personal work, we’ll check our Powerschool and Google Classroom to get a big picture of how things are going. 

Please write your missing work on a post-it and be ready to confer with me about what you are doing well, and what you plan to work on in the next week!

Over the next few days, we’ll be doing a number of things. On days 7 and 8 (Thursday and Monday), we’ll be doing some math probe to see how we’re doing with our warm ups.

On Friday (day1-8) we’ll all be thinking about the things we do to get our homework done. Most people who get their homework done have a system and a routine.

A System is for remembering and recording yourhomework. This could include:

  • a paper agenda or planner
  • Google Classroom
  • Google Calendar
  • a pic of the white board
  • Notes, Reminders or other apps

A Routine.for doing your homework at a time and in a place that works for you. For example:

  • after snack at the at the kitchen table
  • during Homework Club
  • after dinner at the desk in your room