The Science Behind Procrastination

On days 7 and 8 this week (Monday and Tuesday), we’ll think a little bit about the science behind procrastination. Procrastination is when we put things off until later that we should be doing now. We’ll look at  why we procrastinate, and what we can do to minimize it. (Note, I didn’t say ‘avoid’ or ‘stop’, I said ‘minimize’, because the science suggests we’ll never be able to completely stop procrastinating.

First let’s watch this video, then think about what you’ve tried (or want to try) doing to minimize your own procrastination and tell us about it in the comment below!


56 thoughts on “The Science Behind Procrastination

  1. In order to not procrastinate I think about what’s more important to me, my hobbies or my work and I also think about what will happen to me when I don’t do my work first, will it reduce the amount of knowledge in my work or will it make me fail my work and eventually get bad grades. So when I have choices between what I want to do and between what I have to do so I think which one is more important to do.
    So this skill lets me focus more on my homework and finish it faster and better.

  2. I do procrastinate with humanities homework becuase I struggle with it the most. I want to stop procrastinating by spending more time understanding what I have to do.

  3. I struggle with science home work. When we have to watch a lecture vid because i find them very boring so i play on my phone it is a bad habit. 😭😭😭😭😭

  4. For me it’s easy not to procrastinate because my habit is watching a show for a few minutes while I do my homework but most of the time if it desracts me I just turn it off

  5. I do procrastinate at home when I do my homework. To change this I will get a timer and work for 25min straight then take a break and do it again.

  6. I often procrastinate my schoolwork until the last minute. I do this because there is something else I’d rather do. One thing that helps me is thinking what is more important my schoolwork or watching YouTube.

      • Hi Steven, it was nice talking to you IRL about this. I think if something is difficult to start because you don’t understand it, the best thing to do is to ask for help. Easier said than done, I know. But effective!

  7. Well what helps me is personally this class. I can get work done in here and not put it off till later. What also helps me is to take around a 20 minute break after completing one subject of homework or completing a big part of a project of some sort. This works fairly well for me and I will continue to use this method.

  8. I only Procrastinate when my work is not due for a while but if I need to know that I need to do something, than I do it without distractions

  9. For me, procrastination has always been a rather large obstacle when it comes to doing any homework, sometimes even for classes that I like. But recently, I’ve been doing my homework more consistently because I enjoy the sense of mild accomplishment I get from finishing it.

    • This is actually a big deal. That ‘mild sense of accomplishment’ is a form of reward in your brain. Pay attention to it; it feels good and will help you go far!

  10. I try to not procrastinate on my I pad when I’m doing something because when a notification pops up for social media or a game I want to click on it.

    • Jonah, I find that notifications can be very distracting. Maybe you could try to ignore or turn off notifications for 25 minutes and then let yourself check them for 5 minutes?

  11. When I’m doing writing or reading I always keep my phone and Ipad outside because if I keep my ipad infront of me while reading I sometimes just open the Ipad and do other things.

  12. I really agree this video, because when ever I just think 2 minutes later 5,10,20… and here comes the night time that happened every day. So now I think doing the work (homework) right now is the best way so finishing and then play and relax.

  13. I procrastinate because I want to play basketball because it’s more fun than homework and after that I forget to do the assignment and then I’m in a mad rush to complete my homework and sometimes don’t do my best effort.

  14. Some times in tuesdays I say I’m going to do my home work on Wednesday like science or math because I have it every second day so I say tomorrow is half day I’m going to finish it tomorrow. Maybe I should tell my mom to take my phone till I’m finished to do the work that has to be done.

  15. I try to not procrastinate on my iPad or my phone when I am doing homework because sometimes I just say to myself let’s leave the homework I will come back to it later but then it ends up that I have been playing for the whole day so then I need to do the homework at night or early in the morning.

  16. Whenever I do my homework I will listen to music because it’s make me focus and it doesn’t make me feel dizzy and sometimes when I get distract I will turn it off and usually I will do my homework then I will do something else. For me if I feel like doesn’t want to do my homework I will relax for a minute and do something and then after I feel a bit comfortable or feel good i will do my homework until finish, and sometimes if I did it at night I will finish it until it’s done even though It’s 5 am because I don’t want to leave all my homework behind.

    • Interesting, Afreen. Music helps me with some kinds of work, but not with others. And finishing work does feel good, doesn’t it?

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