Reading Conferences

On Thursday and Friday this week (Day 5 and 6), I’ll be conferring with you about your independent reading. We’ll review your goal from last week and we’ll set new goals for next week. I’ll also be asking you to think about what kinds of things you are working on as a reader. Your answers to this will vary. Here are some things readers work on, or think about when they read:

  • making connections: what does your book remind you of?
  • predicting or inferring: what might happen next in your book–or what is happening that isn’t directly stated?
  • character development: how are the characters in your book changing?
  • stamina or speed: are your trying to read longer or faster?

There are many other things readers work on–these are just a few things that might get you thinking. I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

2 thoughts on “Reading Conferences

    • Nobody can avoid procrastination completely. The important thing is to figure out how to reduce it. We’ll keep thinking about it. From what I see, you are improving on this.

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