Organization Check-in

On Friday and Monday this week (Day 1 and 2) I’ll be checking in with you individually about your system for keeping track of your homework and classwork. Then we’ll set a goal for you to work on until the next day 1/2, when we’ll meet again.

To prepare for our conference, please do the following:

  • Review Powerschool (if you’ve been assigned a password) to check for any work that is already showing up late. Make a note of any missing assignments on the post-it I give you. I’ll record those when we confer so we can track them.
  • Review Google Classroom to check if any assignments are missing and what assignments may be coming due shortly. 
  • Think about a goal to work on by the next time we meet. Try to make it both short-term and measurable. That means think about how we will know you’ve met it or not the next time we meet. 
  • Sign up on the board so I know you are ready to confer with me. I’ll call you when your turn comes up, so make sure you have something important to work on while you wait!

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