Back to School Night

Welcome parents!

Much of the work we do in Study Skills and Academic Support is based on individual student needs. On this blog, you can keep up with what we’re doing as in the whole-group portion of our day. Though it’s written primarily with students in mind, please feel free to visit regularly to see what we’re up to.

For an introduction to Ms. Khanna and I, here is our 2017-18 welcome post.

You can find my Back to School Night presentations here: Study Skills; Academic Support; Advisory.

You can find a little bit about my philosophy here.

You can find the Academic Support syllabus is here .

The Study Skills syllabus is here.

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Michael Creighton

Study Planning

On Friday and Monday (days 7 and 8) we’ll go over my expectations for study planning–how to make a plan that will keep us on track. Then you’ll make your first study plan, which should include the following things:

  • Set up Study Plan
  • Math Warm UP
  • Work from one or two of your other classes and/or independent reading. 

I’ll also start getting to know you better as readers by meeting and reading with you all individually.

Independent Reading and Google Classroom

This Wednesday and Thursday (Day 5 and 6) we’ll be talking about independent reading. Independent reading is a crucial study skill;  of the most important things you can do to grow as a thinker is to read a lot. Independent reading is not only fun, but it builds your vocabulary and your knowledge of the world. We’ll look at the research on this later, but for let’s just say reading makes you a better reader, a better thinker and a better writer.

Most Humanities teachers expect you to read, and so do I. Today we’ll set up Google Classroom, and I’ll send  you a copy of a basic reading log.  I’ll go over what I expect in class and will answer any questions. Don’t worry, my reading log won’t take much time–it’s just a way to keep track of the books you read this semester; this will give us something to talk about when we begin our regular reading conferences.

Getting to Know You–And Happy 15 August!

On Friday and Monday this cycle (Day 3 and 4), I’ll give you a brief survey to see how you feel about different subjects in school. I do this every year; it helps me get to know you, and  it’s also really interesting to see how attitudes change over time. This is fun because it involves old-school technology: colored pencils and paper. We’ll talk about how things are going so far and will work on making sure you’ve got working technology.

We’ll be off on Tuesday, August 15th to celebrate India’s Independence Day. At midnight on August 15, 1947, Jawaharlal Nehru, India’s first prime minister, gave his famous ‘Tryst with Destiny” speech. You can read the full text of the address here. And below, you can watch an original video of the first, and most famous part of the speech.