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On most Day 1 and Day 2’s we’ll focus on organization. Going forward, I’ll confer with you about the work you are doing in other classes  and how you are managing that. This week, as IPads are rolling out, we’ll set up our study planning notebooks, and we’ll step back and think about what we’ve done in the past to keep track of our work and what we may want to change this year.

When I was in middle school, there was only really one way to track homework: you’d write it down. The only  question was whether you’d write it in a calendar, a binder, or on a scrap of paper. I know I tried them all, with varying degrees of success.

Now at AES in 2017, there are many more options. Some students track homework by writing it into a hard copy calendar, such as the AES agenda. This is what I often do, myself. Others rely on electronic tools, such as Notes, Reminders, or Google Calendar.pic calenar

I thought it would be interesting to share with each other the systems we use for remembering what we have to do and when we have to do it. Please tell us what you do and why it your think it works for you in the comments below. If you are planning to use new tools this year, please share those as well. And while you’re at it, why not read what other students are doing? You might learn a new trick or two while you are at it. Don’t worry if you are new to AES middle school; we’ll be helping you find a system that works for you.

51 thoughts on “Getting Organized

  1. I am going to write my homework and what I need to bring for the next class in my agenda because the agenda is very organized and in everyday I have four box which I can have for each period.

  2. Usually I keep track of my homework through google classroom since all of my teachers use it, but if there is something very important that I need to remember to do, I set a reminder on the app “reminders” using key words of what the assignment is about.

  3. I use google classroom because all of my teachers use it and I have an app that I reminds me to do my homework. I think that google classroom is pretty easy to use too.

    • That’s great, Anton. Do most of your teachers use Google Classroom this year? I think it makes things a lot easier.

  4. When I have homework I usually have a small organizer which I write all my homework on, if not I usually email the teacher about the homework or I check there blog or on google classroom or I just take a picture on my iPad.

    • I like the organizer idea, Rohan. Let’s see how that works. The important thing is that you find a system that works for you. You did a great job last year, but eighth grade may be a little more demanding!

  5. I’m going to use a notebook to do my work in so then my writing improves and also to stay organized in a better way.

  6. I think I will use reminders so when I open my ipad it will say do your homework and then I will do my home work. I think this method is fast and simple.

  7. Ok so my first year here (7th grade) I decided to use my agenda, this worked for a bit but then it was getting hard to write it down because sometimes I do not write fats under pressure. So I started to just remember it in my mind, or google classroom would have a post in it telling me my homework. What I am doing now is the same but if there is a big piece of homework or project I make sure to write it down somewhere, usually my notes on my iPad. This works for me because I remember things easily, so I usually make dates to do my homework, when and where.
    This is a very efficient system for me.

    • Ethan,
      I really enjoyed reading this. Let’s see how things go. If this system works, then I’m OK with it. You’ll want to remember that not everyone in the world uses Google Classroom, so you’ll need to be flexible, if not this year, then in the future!

  8. How I keep track of homework is I write it in my agenda and I put each subject in there own box and I write what I need to do then when I get home I check my agenda and I look at the first box which is my first block for the day and so on

  9. I am going to do the same thing as Roni. At the beginning of the the week I will write my schedule in my agenda and then write the homework in it at the end of class. This way I can also check my schedule in my agenda as well.

  10. I used to use an application called Sunrise until our school stopped using it. Now, I use google classroom or google calendar. I find it easy because it is an application and you don’t need to go to the blog every time.

    • That sounds good, Minsuh. We were all sad to see Sunrise ‘sunset’ (the company stopped supporting it so it didn’t work in the end…).

    • OK I think Google Classroom is good if you remember to use it. But you have to make sure your teachers use it as well.

  11. I’m using a application called google classroom because the teachers give us homework from google classroom and it is well organised that I can see the things that is happening easily. It’s a good application for me.

  12. I’m using the google calendar since 6th grade and I’m still checking the google calendar before going to bed. If there are important assignments or homework, I check my google classroom everytime.

  13. I keep track on my homework by writing it down on a notebook or I set the homework on my phones wallpaper so every time I open my phone I see that I have a homework that is not done, or if I have enough time at the class I do as much as I can.

  14. I use google classroom to check what is my homework also to submit back my homework and I use google documents to write lab report in science.

  15. I always make a check list with the stuff I need to do and leave the home work were I need help with a side .when I’m finished I take the stuff I don’t understand and go over it with my mom. when I’m fingished my mom checks everything if it’s correct and corrects spelling when needed. That’s how I mostly organise homework.

  16. My strategy is that when I get home I have a sign on my bedroom door and that I how I remember. When I get home from school I go to my room and
    I see it and that is how it is effective. So that is why I should never forget to do my homework. This also helps me in PE because for swimming i put up another sign and it reminds me to bring a bathing suit.

    • I like this idea, Luke. You’ll probably want to use Google Calendar and Google Classroom to remind you about what you have coming up, as well!

  17. What I do is that I use the clock alarm on my phone and the title of the alarm would say time to do your homework.
    Why you think it works?
    I think it works because it tells you what time you have to do your homework. And another way to do your homework it to use Google calendar It works because it tells u what day your homework is due and what class you have.

    • Interesting Nasr. It’s important to have a routine for remembering to do your homework. It sounds like you have some good ideas about that!

  18. My way of studying is I use my ipad. On my ipad I use Google classroom and Google calendar. My method works because Google calendar gives me a reminder the day before it is due.

    • Hi Sanya, I’m glad to read this. And I’m really happy that you were so responsible about getting it posted, even when my blog was being a little bit stubborn!

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