Time to reflect

For the next few days, our focus will be on reflecting on our learning. Our end product will be a letter (or an essay if you prefer) that we’ll post on our blogs.

You may ask why we’re doing this when many of you have so much other work to do in other classes. We’ll talk about that in class. But the bottom line is this: a lot of interesting research suggests that students who learn how to reflect on their learning are more effective learners. Reflection–thinking about how we learn–is a kind of ‘study skill.’ This is why reflections are a key part of many teacher training programs.

Most of the time when I ask you to reflect, I don’t require a long written product. That’s because there are many ways to reflect on our learning. But written reflection is an important and effective way to think deeply, so we do this every so often.

I’ll introduce this reflection in class, and I’ll give you time to work on it in the coming days. However, I’m sharing the presentation that explains this assignment below, so you can get a head start if you would like!