Filing and Finding Our Notes

For day 1 and 2 this cycle (Friday and Monday), we’ve been focussed on monthly and quarterly progress monitoring probes. These give me insight into how you read and do math, and that helps me think about what to focus on going forward.

For days 3 and 4 (Tuesday and Wednesday) we’ll get back to note taking. Today, we’ll talk about how we organize our notes once we take them. As we’ve discussed, note taking helps us remember important ideas, even if we don’t review them later. But if we do review our notes later, we can learn even more. In order to review our notes, though, we have to be able to find them! Different people organize their notes in different ways. These include:

  • Three ring binder, with dividers for subjects and classes;
  • Spiral notebook, one per class;
  • Digital folders (we’ll set up folders in Notability tomorrow).

What system do you use so that you can find your notes? Or if you don’t have a system, what system do you want to try? Please share your thinking by commenting on this post.

22 thoughts on “Filing and Finding Our Notes

  1. For humanities I take notes on notability, for math I take notes in my notebook and binder and for science I take my notes in google drive and my science notebook.

  2. I usually just write a name for the note in Google Drive, so when I need to find a note I can just type it. And I also have folders for my classes in Notability.

  3. I have differnet notebooks for different subjects and I keep them a home and for certain days I bring thous notebooks for thous days

  4. I use my binder as a note book and i keep notes in it. I want to try out sticky notes because i feel like they are easier to find and use.

    • Sticky notes are good for some things. Books, in particular. But they can get lost easily, so maintaining a filing system can be challenging!

  5. When I take notes I either make a new doc and put it in a folder for that class or I take notes in a notebook and date it and label what class it is for. If in the class we will be taking lots of notes the teacher gives us a notebook for that class and tpwe take notes in that.

    • I enjoyed hearing about this system. It sounds like you’ve got some great organizational skills when it comes to note taking, Sanya.

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