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In the coming weeks, we’ll be looking at a new study skill: note taking. We’ll There are many ways to take notes, but before we look at those, we’ll look at why note taking works. Some of you’ve already worked on this; for you, I’ll adjust things, but a review is good.

There is a lot of research about note taking and how it can help us learn better. Taking notes basically does two things. First, it helps us store information so we can review it later. But it also does something else: by taking notes, we don’t just write things on paper or type them into our I Pads–we actually write (or ‘encode’) things into our brain. So note taking is good for storing information and for encoding information.

There are a lot of ways we can take notes. To get us thinking about note taking, I’m posting a list of note taking tips from Texas Tech University. I went ahead and took notes on the page about note-taking…I used highlighter and I wrote on the text electronically using good reader.

First read the tips below. (If the embedded file is difficult to see, you can try this link.) Then in the comments section, please list one or two ways in which you take notes and how your note taking helps you.

31 thoughts on “Please Take Note!

  1. I take notes on video lectures that Ms.U gives us because she wants us to have something to go back to and remind ourselves of what we are doing, I use cornel notes. Sometimes I take notes on videos that I watch to go back and remember the main points.

  2. I take notes in math class with the concept map to help me understand what I was thinking at the time and to keep for tests

    • That’s great Jason. The thing I like most about notes is that they can help us make sense of information as it comes in. They help us organize new information so we can understand and remember it.

  3. So I agree that nite takeing is good, it helps make myself remember my work. I love taking notes in math that’s when I finialy understand my work and if I forget I go back and look at my pages of work I wrote. But I mean if I personally don’t take notes I forget and need a good resource to look back on it, because it takes at least 10 times to finally get it all witch is good that I know that now.

  4. I take notes using a concept map in math as its available for me too look at during tests and homework at anytime.

  5. When I’m going to take notes I read the article or listen to the
    Video, after that I open my notebook and write something
    That was important in the article or video.

  6. I take notes in maths because for one taking notes on paper helps you remember the content apose to on a iPad of computer. The notes help me because in maths we can use the notes when we are doing the test and it helps me to remember the content

  7. I take notes because taking notes helps me in class and also it helps me remember the topic that I took the note on.

  8. I look at the video or article and write down some important parts, for me when I take notes if I have a assesment I would go back and look at my notes.

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