Assessment and Organization

On Days 7 and 8 (Wednesday and Thursday) of this week we’ll spend just under half the class working on beginning of the year assessments and organizational systems set up. (On Wednesday, due to the early release schedule, this will take a good chunk of our shortened block, so you’ll have less time to work on individual work from this or other classes.)

Hopefully PowerSchool will be up and running by the end of the week; more on that soon!

Reading Conferences

On Days 5 and 6 this week (Monday and Tuesday), I’ll confer with you all about your independent reading. Please update your reading log and be ready to talk about what you are reading and the kinds of strategies you are using.

With some students, I’ll also be doing assessments that I missed doing last week due to absences or lack of time.

Set up, assessment, etc…

This day 3 and 4 (Thursday and Friday), we’ll continue to work on getting our organizational systems set up. We are seeing some technical issues with the calendars and how they are syncing, and we’ll talk about what to do about those things.

We’ll also work on a few reading/writing related activities. Students in block 4 and 7 may have some time to work on your own work, so come prepared with homework or independent reading.  Students in my other periods should be ready to spend most of our time together doing beginning of the year assessments–hooray!

Seriously, I promise Ms. Khanna and I will do our best to make it all as fun as possible!