Writing kick off and more goals!

I’ve been reading all the short essays we wrote this week, and I appreciate how seriously most of you took that assignment. As I said in my introduction, a focus in our writing unit will be on how to use simple organizational strategies in writing to produce more and better writing efficiently. This is an important study skill because not all writing we do is as in-depth as the writing we often work on in Humanities. Sometimes, we just have to produce short essays in an efficient way.

One thing we know from our discussions about procrastination is that getting started is often the most difficult part of any job. Having a simple organizational and planning strategy ‘in your pocket’ can help make tasks seem  a little less overwhelming!

On days 1 and 2 this week, we’ll be reviewing your power school, as usual, and reflecting on where it makes sense to focus our effort going forward. I’d also like you to think about a learning habit you’ve been working on over the past week or so. As we know, research shows that reflecting on our learning makes us better learners!

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  1. I didn’t used to have a system but this year I use a system that works bucause I keep track of my home work in my agenda or my iPad

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