Conference reflection

This day 1 and 2 (Monday and Tuesday), we’ll work on conference reflection essays, which we’ll post on our blogs.  We know reflection is a great way to deepen our learning, and conference time is a great time to reflect on our learning. I expect this should take about 45 minutes to write. I’ll go over the basic expectations in class. You can take a look at the presentation I’ll show in class here.

Close read, conference preparation

On Day 7 and 8 this week (Wednesday and Thursday), we’ll do another round of close reading. Then we’ll take a three-minute reading probe and put together some material that may help us reflect for conferences: an updated reading list; an set of notes you feel good about; and an example of you study planning sheet.

Next week, we’ll spend some time working on reflections as we prepare for conferences, so please budget your homework time accordingly.

Close Reading Introduction

On day 3 and 4 this week (Thursday and Friday), we’ll be beginning our close reading unit. Close reading is a kind of careful reading we use for very difficult text, for important text, or when we have something specific we are looking to learn from a text. It’s not usually something we use when we read for pleasure, but it can be very useful for things like research projects or tests.

Here is a simple version of close reading that works in many situations:


…for the flow and the big idea.


….What do you need to know?

….What is your purpose for reading?


…. and think again!

We’ll be practicing this more in the weeks that come.