Reading Goals check-in

It’s time to review our independent reading goals and update our reading logs. Please bring your book to class this Thursday or Friday (day 5 and 6) and be prepared to reflect on what you are doing well in reading, and what concrete goals you will set for the next cycle.

I’ll also be pulling a few students to make up missing progress monitoring probes in reading or math.

Note taking: learning from others

Today, on day 3 and day 4, we’ll be looking at the notes others have taken. I’ve chosen some of the notes students took last week to share with you. I didn’t choose all the great ones–there were too many for that. I chose notes that show the variety of ways you chose to take notes. Look at what other students did and comment on the blog below. No need for negative feedback–notes are not about being perfect. Instead, tell us something you found surprising or interesting about the notes!

Note pema

Pema used a mixture of pictures and words



Jason typed big ideas then went back and added details.


Jayshree Notes

Jayshree illustrated her methods using different methods!


Oscar used a combination of pictures and bullet points!

Goal Setting; Progress Monitoring

This week on day 1 and day 2, (Friday and Monday) we’ll be setting academic goals, as usual. To prepare, think about what you have coming up, and anything you may still need to turn in. Then set a specific goal for the next 10 days or so. I’ll meet with students to discuss and fine tune these.

We’ll also be taking the MAZE progress monitoring assessment, and we’ll do a read aloud progress monitoring probe. Those things won’t take you a lot of time, but they will Ms. Khanna and I pretty busy! The next time we meet, we’ll do a short note-taking activity and do a pair of short math progress monitoring probes. This will take about 35 minutes in all; you’ll want to plan your time accordingly.

Note taking practice

This week on Tuesday and Wednesday (Day 7 and 8), we’ll practice taking real notes on a video about…note taking. It’s about six minutes long, and it moves pretty fast. Your job is to do the following things:

  • Choose a note taking system to use. It could be bullet points (a simplified outline); mind map/web; Cornell notes; or another system you like.
  • Take notes on the video lecture. You should be able to capture the following information:
    • The names of all five methods.
    • one or two pieces of information about each.

This ‘lecture’ moves pretty fast. If you need to go back to get another look, you can watch the video again. When you are finished with your notes, please save them on you Ipad under your Notability folder for this class.  (Students taking notes using paper and pencil can easily click a picture and load it into Notability that way.) Questions? I’ve probably got an answer!

Now let’s watch!