Annotating Text, Scoring Guide

Today (day’s 7 and 8), we’ll go over the note taking scoring guide, which you can find here. If you haven’t already moved it to Notability, please do that now. As we go over the scoring guide together in class, please annotate it, by highlighting points you think are important, or adding notes to it.

Annotating text is one important way we take notes. It is important not to annotate too much–only the key parts. That forces your brain to ‘determine importance’, which is one of the reading strategies we use. Not only will your notes make it easier to review the document, but you’ll remember and understand more the first time you read it! Cool, huh?

Reading review and goals

On Day’s 5 and 6 (Friday and Monday), we’ll be checking in about the reading we’ve been doing and the strategies we’ve been using. Then we’ll set some goals for the coming week and the Winter Break! And remember, now is the time to focus on any outstanding work or upcoming summative assessments. Not much sun left; time to get the hay in the barn!

Notability: filing system

NotabilityOn day’s 3 and 4 this week, (Wednesday and Thursday), we’ll be looking at how to file our notes in Notability and the importance of filing notes generally. Filing our notes is important for finding them, of course, and we need to find them to review them. But the very act of filing them also helps us organize the new information in our mind.

In Notability, we’ll set up folders for all of our important classes. You may have done this already. When you are finished, take a look at the note taking scoring guide we’ll be using to make sure we are taking good notes next semester. It lays out many of the things a good note taking system should have.

Remember, we are nearly to the end of the semester. Focus on getting important projects done well, and onĀ preparingĀ for summative assessments!