What does peace mean to you?

Friday is a 1-8 day; to conclude Peace Week, we’ll spend a little time thinking about what ‘peace’ means to us.

Metro cardWhen I think of peace, I think of the Delhi Metro. Sometimes people ask me how this can be– the metro carries 2.5 million out of Delhi’s 18 million people each day; it’s almost always too crowded to get a seat, and sometimes you really have to squeeze in. How can that be peaceful? For me, the answer has to do with diversity, equality and sharing.

On the metro, I see are all kinds of people: young people, old people, short people, tall people– stand-up-straight people, lean-against-a wall people. On the metro, I can get most of the way to work with just 13.5 rupees. If you’ve got Rs. 30, you can ride a train all the way from HUDA City Center to Jahangirpuri–more than 40 km. We all share the same space and we all get where we are going at the same time.

The metro is not perfect. But peace isn’t about perfection. It’s about learning how to share space with people from all walks of life. It’s about traveling together, not racing ahead. That’s I don’t leave home without my Delhi Metro Smart card, and that’s why I think the metro is the most peaceful place in Delhi. What does peace mean to you? Where do you feel at peace, or where do you see peace in action? If you have a minute, I’d love to read your comment!

29 thoughts on “What does peace mean to you?

  1. Peace is rarer then a shiny starter in Pokemon you may not know its a shiny. I guess I see peace when people are working together even if they are having a disagreement there still working together and having a good time.

    • Mackenzie, I know very little about Pokemon. But I think you are right that people working together even if they have a disagreement is an example of peace.

  2. Peace to me looks like at school everyone being nice to each other and including each other & no groups. Just a peacful community and not feeling left out.

  3. 25 September, 2015
    Peace to me is when multiple people are sharing and not worrying about things. When there’s no feeling of awkwardness in silence. When the people respect each other. For example peace is in the school because disagreement or conflict don’t happen and because everyone respects everyone.

  4. For me, peace is bringing people together. Living not in war, and not in conflict. Peace is a big disagreement between countries. Sometimes, the disagreement is so big that the countries have to fight, to get what they want. Peace is also getting what you want in a difficult way…….

    • Wow Rohan, I have to say I really want to hear more about this. I’ve never played myself, but I live in Northern Wisconsin for a few years, where hockey didn’t have a very peaceful reputation. In fact there was a joke that went something like this: ‘You’ll never believe it, but in the middle of a fight on Saturday night, a hockey match broke out!’

  5. To me, peace means no war,no hate,no anger,no bullying,no Need for revenge,no people being/getting hurt physically and mentally,and of course like I said,no hate.

    I feel at peace in the water while scuba diving in the sea, and even though it’s not deep in the middle of the sea, it’s fur away from city sounds and pollution, and it means I feel calm, I feel at home.

    I see peace in the water while scuba diving in the sea, and even though it’s not deep in the middle of the sea, it’s fur away from city sounds and pollution.

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