Study Skills Check-in

Last time we met, we talked about motivation–why we work hard at the things that matter in life. I’ve been reading about motivation more and it turns out that we tend to work harder when we set goals. (If you want to get a taste of the research, you can check out this paper from the Harvard Institute of Learning and Teaching.)

So this Thursday and Friday (Day 1 and Day 2) we’ll be setting goals as part of our regular Study Skills Check in. The research says goals work best if you set them yourself, so I can’t do this for you. But don’t worry–I’m going to make it as easy as I can.

First, you need to do a little research and reflection to see what goal makes sense for you. Since this is a lesson on study skills, I’m asking that your goals are related to that topic. Start by reviewing the study skills goals or ‘next steps’ we set last week, which you can find in the email I sent. How did you do? Is this something you want to keep working on?

Then check PowerSchool. Do you have any missing assessments? If so, you’ll probably want to consider that in your goal setting. How are you doing in your classes? Is there an area that has been hard for you that you want to review and study?

Try to come up with a S.M.A.R.T. goal! We’ll talk a little about what this means in class. But in short, SMART stands for:

Specific–Goals should be specific. What are you aiming to do? Where and when will you do it? That kind of thing.

Measurable–You goal should be measurable. That means there’s some way to know if you’ve reached it!

Attainable and Realistic–Choose a goal you can reach if you work at it, in the short term.

Timely–Choose a goal you can achieve in a reasonable amount of time. We’ll evaluate our goals on the next day 1 or 2, so you should set a goal that you can reach in just over one week.

OK, now you write a goal. Try to keep it short enough to put it on a post it; I’m not asking for an essay today about why you are choosing your goal. We can talk about that in our conference. Once you’ve written a SMART goal, sign up for a conference with me!

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