Study Skills Check-in

On Monday and Tuesday this week (Day 1 and 2) we’ll be taking a look at Power School.

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 3.06.16 PMThe first thing you should do is to go to the Powerschool portal and book mark it. Then try to log in. If you have difficulty, check with Mr. Creighton or Ms. Kanna and we’ll see if we can help. If you don’t have access to you’re password yet, we can show you what your page looks like from our computer.

If you are able to access Powerschool, make sure your schedule is correct. Take a look at each of your classes to see if you have any updates, comments, or missing assignments.

When you’ve done that, find the email I sent you last week after our study skills conference. It will include ‘next steps.’ If you still need to down load Sunrise, or add any teacher blogs to your IPad’s home screen, please take care of that!

When you’ve done these things, think about a study skills goal for the next week and sign up for a conference with Mr. Creighton!

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