Homework Helper #1 or “The first step to success is not forgetting to start!”

When I was in eighth grade, there was only really one way to reliably track your homework: you’d write it down. The only pic calenarquestion was whether you’d write it in a calendar, a binder, or on a scrap of paper. I know I tried them all, with varying degrees of success.

Over the past few days, I’ve discussed homework tracking tools with students in all my classes. I’ve been really impressed. Many of you use an AES agenda along with your Sunrise Calendar. I confess that is my favorite method, maybe because I still use a paper and pencil agenda to keep track of some things! Other students supplement their calendars with apps like Notes or Reminders; this can be especially helpful for larger projects which contain many smaller parts.

I thought it would be interesting to share with each other the systems we use for remembering what we have to do and when we have to do it. Please tell us what you do and why it your think it works for you in the comments below. While you’re at it, why not read what other students are doing? You might learn a new trick or two while you are at it!

42 thoughts on “Homework Helper #1 or “The first step to success is not forgetting to start!”

  1. To help me to know what homework I have is by checking my Sunrise app. Since I have subscribed to all my teachers homework calendars, I can read what the teachers wrote for what we did. Most of the time at the end of the class I write what our homework is in detail so when I go back and read it I’ll know exactly what to do.

  2. I rely mostly on a AES agenda that I carry in each class to remind me of the home works. Also to remind myself of the homeworks, I use the app called Reminders.

  3. I use sunrise to keep track of my homework, because i spent most of my time electronically so its easier for me to remember the assignments my teachers give me. By now it has worked perfectly and i am happy, thats the case.

    • Victor–the key thing is that it work. It’s a good idea to check Powerschool every week or so, just in case something slips by!

    • The calendar is great, especially for short assignments. But for larger projects it’s a good idea to write down the details and/or break it into parts!

  4. I track my homework is my AES agenda. When I don’t know what the homework is because I forgot to write is down, I go on sunrise on the teacher blog itself

  5. I use sunrise and notifction. If I now that what the teacher wrote won’t be inough I write in the notes our in an other app and I look at the techers blog.

  6. My tools switch depending on what’s happening at home or at school I normally use teachers blogs and paper and take a photo the photo is the main way I remember but writing on paper is like a safety net if I forget or lose the photo.

    • Mackenzie–Photos can be a great way to record detailed information. The important thing is to organize your photos so you can find them!

  7. I keep track of my homework by writing it in my agenda. I also have all my teachers calendars on sunrise and I check my homework.

    • Excellent, Vedaa. It is always good to have a couple of tools to use. If you forget to write something down, you can find it on your calendar!

  8. I keep track of my homework by using my iPad with the app sunrise and my hard book agenda. Because that’s really all I need if my iPad is out of charge, then I use my agenda and if I lost my agenda, I have my iPad.

    • Yusef, I’m a big fan of paper and pencil agendas, so I’m glad you are using that. And the calendar is a great back up!

  9. I keep track of my homework by using sunrise, because it’s easier than the agenda. I first play some games for a few hours then I remind myself to do my homework. This work pretty well for me.

  10. I take my iPad to all my classes but only use my agenda. I write in my agenda because I look at it all day to see what is next.

  11. We have been receiving a lot of homework in 8th grade. My plan is to use the Sunrise App and the Reminders App to keep track of my homework. It’s important to do this because then I’ll be able to have enough time for other important items on my agenda.

  12. Well what helped me was making note cards. where. I decided to make school easier so I used a binder to help me track my homework and if I tend to forget my homework I set an alarm to get me on track again. I also use a binder because it’s really helpful and I can put sticky notes on the pages I haven’t finished I also put some sticky notes on the subjects I have like math ,science ,advisory and humanities. Or I might tend to use a calendar every now and then to be more prosiest.

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