Study Planning/Homework planning

I enjoyed meeting with so many parents during fall conferences and during our recent learning support plan reviews. One of the insights I have gained recently from my discussions with students and parents has had to do with homework planning. Some of my students have very efficient systems for recording and remembering homework, while others are still working to develop those systems.

No single method of homework planning will work for every student. However, we do know that every student needs to have some system for tracking and remembering assignments. To help students develop these systems, we’ve added a new step to the study planning process. Before study planning, students will now be expected to say whether they have turned in all home work that is due that day–if they have not, it will be expected that this will be the first thing they add to their study plan for the day.

After study planning, before leaving class, students will be asked to answer a few questions about their homework plan for the day, including:

**I have checked my upcoming homework assignments by reviewing my teachers’ blogs, my Sunrise calendar, my agenda, and the other tools I use to track my homework. Circle one: Yes No

I am confident I will remember my homework because:

___ I have recorded it in Notes, Reminders, or another app.

___ I have recorded it in a paper agenda, calendar, or  planner.

___ I have demonstrated an ability to Sunrise, Google Calendar, Teacher blogs or other

         similar methods to remember my homework.

___ I am not sure I will remember to do my homework.



This step should take very little time for students who already have an effective system for homework planning, but it will add a level of accountability and reflection for those who could benefit from more structure.

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