Parent update: What’s Happening in Academic Support and Study Skills

September is always busy in M-103, and this year has been even busier than usual with the transition to standards based grading. Here are a few updates.

Learning Habits
This year in Academic Support and Study Skills, our Powerschool reporting will be focused on Learning Habits. As a school community, we have committed to making our assessment of learning habits measurable and meaningful. Over the next few weeks, you’ll start seeing more Learning Habits assessments on Powerschool. Our goal is to make them easy to understand, but if you have questions, do let us know.

Study Skills
I’m really enjoying my section of Study Skills this year. So far, we’ve focussed on planning our work time and getting our work finished. In October, I expect to spend some time teaching note-taking skills. For those of you who want to get a head start on that, there are some resources on Note Taking up on our resources page. If you have any questions about your student and how they are doing in Study Skills or in school more generally, feel free to email or call me. I’m also happy to meet in person to talk in more detail.

Learning Support Plans
At AES, we develop detailed Learning Support Plans (LSP) for students in Academic Support, and we review and update them each year. The LSP’s help us to better understand the strengths and needs of our students and how we can best support them moving forward. LSP’s are a collaborative process and are based on input from teachers, parents, and other members of the team including our Academic Support teaching assistant Reshma Khanna and school psychologist Jan Cantrill. This week, I’m meeting with the parents and teachers of my eighth grade students to review old plans and develop new ones. In coming weeks, I’ll meet with parents and teachers of my seventh and sixth graders. You can take a look at a blank LSP form here:

Download (PDF, 168KB)

Period 9/Homework Club
This year, we’ve expanded our after school options for extra help. In addition to the period 9 classes offering content-specific support on Wednesday and Thursdays, there is a Homework Club option Monday-Thursday. I teach homework club on Tuesday’s and I’m happy to offer extra help, as well as a quiet place to work. For details about the after school activity program, follow this link.