Welcome to M-103

Blog photoWelcome to All Kinds of Minds, a blog that serves the Advisory and Academic Support and Study Skills classes in AES M103. Ms Khanna and I are  are so glad you are here where we celebrate diversity in learning styles, language and culture. You can read more about our philosophy of eduction here, but for now let’s just say we agree with  Temple Grandin when she says, “the world needs all kinds of minds.” We will be working this year to use the strength of our many minds to do some exciting thinking.

I am looking forward to working with Ms. Khanna again this year. She received a B.A. in Commerce from Delhi University and has been attending a teacher training program in IGNOU, Delhi. She has four years experience at AES in the elementary and middle schools and is an expert in all aspects of AES’s math curriculum.

I’m originally from Portland, Oregon, and I’ve been teaching for 17 years. I’ve spent half of my career as a general education classroom teacher and half as a special educator.  This is my second year back at AES, where I taught fifth grade for six years from 2005-20011. You can learn a little bit more about me and my family by reading last year’s back to school post.

For students and families returning to Academic Support, a lot will be familiar, though we have been working to fine tune things. (For those of you who are new to Academic Support, you can read the syllabus here, and you can explore last year’s blog posts.)

For those of you coming to Study Skills, you will get time and help with your academic work. We will also teach study skills that will help you become more independent in the future.

For those of you in my advisory, I’m really looking forward to eighth grade and the POP project later in the year!

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch. You can find all my contact information here. I’m looking forward to a great year!