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In the coming weeks, we’ll be looking at a new study skill: note taking. There is a lot of research about note taking and how it can help us learn better. Taking notes basically does two things. First, it helps us store information so we can review it later. But it also does something else: by taking notes, we don’t just write things on paper or type them into our I Pads–we actually write (or ‘encode’) things into our brain. So note taking is good for storing information and for encoding information.

There are a lot of ways we can take notes. To get us thinking about note taking, I’m posting a list of note taking tips from Texas Tech University. I went ahead and took notes on the page about note-taking…I used highlighter and I wrote on the text electronically using good reader.

First read the tips below. (If the embedded file is difficult to see, you can try this link.) Then in the comments section, please list one or two ways in which you take notes and how your note taking helps you.

21 thoughts on “Note Taking

  1. I have been taking notes for exams and tests South Africa until I came here so I have always been taking notes. In humanities we have to take notes on our books that we read e:g notes on what characters say and do for our class discussions. I take most of my notes on paper because I remember it better.

    • Duncan,
      I have read that paper and pencil notes are actually more effective more many people. How do you stay organized? Let’s talk about this next class!

    • Presha, interesting. Do you keep one document per class or do you organize by project? Annisa says she likes to use folders. Do you?

  2. I usually take notes on Google Drive app. It helps me by staying organized because I can make different folders and put documents inside it.

    • Annisa–Do you take notes during class or after? Do you look back at your notes? Folders are a great way to stay organized.

  3. Tamara: I take notes by highlighting the most important facts whenever it’s on paper but when someone is talking and I have to take notes, then I write down the key words or the most important facts. (Main ideas). This helps me by understanding most important that I can put inside my brain (head).

    • Tamara–This is great. I like to use a highlighter also, when I have something already printed out. I think you are right to write down the main ideas, since it’s impossible to write everything…(This is exactly what I wanted to see in a comment, by the way).

  4. I take notes for the important idea and use symbols to shorten the notes.
    I use bullit notes to organize my page, so that I know the order of the notes. E.g If I am doing a slid show. I would starte with the first slid then the info for the second.

  5. My way of note taking is in my reading I read with postit notes that helps me get the point because I forget what happens so I write that down. But in class I mostly don’t note take because I don’t have time ( teacher talks too fast) but important things I note bown

    • Amy–
      This is great. Taking notes helps you remember the main points. But it also helps you figure out the main points! Since you can’t write down everything, you have to focus and determine what is important to write down. THAT is what helps you understand the text better!

  6. I usually take notes on a posted when I read a book. It helps me to know the big idea of the story if I want to write a reading response.

    • Anis–
      Taking notes on post-its is a great way to keep track of your reading. It also helps deepen your understanding of the text.

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