April is here!

The week back after Spring Break was pretty busy for all of us. Now it’s time to settle down and get back into the swing of things. On Wednesday and Thursday (days 5 and 6) I’ll be conferring with you about your individual reading goals and the reading strategies you’ve been using. On Friday and Monday (days 7 and 8) we’ll be looking at math and setting new goals there. 

Getting ready for conferences

Over the next week, we’ll all be busy. We’ll continue to focus on our individual learning goals, and I’ll meet with you all about reading and math. Many of you have other pressing work to do in other classes as well. In the middle of it all, we’re getting ready for Parent-Teacher conferences!

My main goal during conferences will be to have a meaningful conversation with your parents and you about your learning progress and goals. Some of you will prepare for that by writing detailed notes to share with your parents; some of you will prepare by writing a reflective letter to your parents; and some of you will find another way to share your learning and goals with your parents. 

I’ll share some ideas in class and will meet with you about your options. For those of you writing a reflective letter, here’s a format you can follow:

The week ahead

On Monday and Tuesday Days 7 and 8), we’ll work on individual goals and we’ll check in on our progress in math based on the probes we took last week. On Wednesday and Thursday, we’ll take a careful look at Google Classroom and Powerschool and think about what we need to focus on in the coming week. 

A lot happening this week!

There’s a lot going on this week at AES! On Tuesday and Wednesday (Days 3 and 4) we’ll begin our monthly progress monitoring with a couple of short reading problems. We’ll also continue with the goals we recently set–clearing out our Google Classroom, for example. 

On Thursday and Friday (Days 5 and 6), I’ll be out of school at a training. While I’m gone, Ms. Khanna or Mr. Ho will meet with you all to talk about reading goals. Many of us will also be taking some math probes to see how progress is going there. That will help us decide what we need to work on next. Friday may be pretty tight, because we’ll be shortening classes for Fort Frenzy Day. All signs point to a really fun day!